Welcome to the Verrips Family Tree

Most of the information available here has been researched by Pieter Verrips. The bulk of data about the Voorrips-branch was however researched and provided by the late Hugo Carel Voorrips. The domain verrips.com was donated by Stephan Verrips and other technical resources donated by Roy Verrips

This family tree was last updated on September 16, 2023. The earliest recorded event is the Birth of Willem Otten in 1440. The most recent event is the Death of Rohanne Joan Morrison in 2023.

Information of people still living has been kept as private unless explicitly requested. To view private information, please apply for a username.

Hugo Carel 2006.JPG
Birth: April 9, 1927Rotterdam
Death: January 15, 2019
Christening: November 14, 1686 40 Schoonrewoerd
Death: June 1762Schoonrewoerd