Arij Goverse Triest, 1687

Arij Goverse /Triest/
March 9, 1687 (aged 0 days)
English King
English Queen
English King
English Queen
British Queen
Baptism of a daughter
Christening of a daughter
British King
George I
British King
George II
Marriage of a daughter
Baptism of a grandson
Baptism of a granddaughter
Note: Doopgetuige: Marijtje van Leeuwen, Neeltje Rijps
Christening of a granddaughter
INDI:EVEN:WITN: Marijtje/van Leeuwen, Neeltje Rijps/
Baptism of a grandson
Note: Doopgetuigen waren Marijtje van Leeuwen en Neeltje Rijps.
Death of a granddaughter
Christening of a grandson
INDI:EVEN:WITN: Doopgetuige: Dirkie Knoest
Marriage of a grandson
British King
George III
from October 25, 1760 to January 29, 1820 (aged 132 years)
Marriage of a grandson
Marriage of a grandson
1st President of the United States
George Washington
April 30, 1789 (aged 102 years)
Death of a daughter
2nd President of the United States
John Adams
March 4, 1797 (aged 109 years)
3rd President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson
March 4, 1801 (aged 113 years)
Birth of a daughter